Future Forests

It’s simple. We plant a tree for every tree we use.

Who We Are:

Our vision for the future is one where our great grandchildren benefit from us planting trees. Future Forest was born from this idea, what has followed is an initiative that has grown beyond our humble first intentions.

Chris and Mark Swadling and the Swadling family have played a significant part in Australia’s milling timber history.

Cornelious Swadling. Born: May 22, 1844 – Lane Cove NSW. Founder of C.Swadling and Sons Pyrmont. Photo taken c. 1910. Ironwood Australia pride themselves on their heritage and knowledge of Australian hardwood timbers and the Swadling family want to continue the tradition that Cornelious started all those years ago. The timber Cornelious got out of the forest is now being reclaimed and re-used at Ironwood Australia by his great, great grandsons Chris and Mark.




It’s simple. We plant a tree for every tree we use.


By investing now. Our core company belief is that timber is the smartest environmentally low impact and sustainably viable material to use in construction. By replanting Australian timber across private land today, we are guaranteeing supply within our country for tomorrow.


Our family business sustains itself with this wonderful product, as do rural communities. Our plantations create long term employment, are carbon reducing and replenish the Australian natural landscape back to its original state. We love trees, timber, our countryside and the people in it.



Our investment, everyone’s future. We want to continue to use Australia’s beautiful timbers to build homes and infrastructure. To do this we must act now for the future of our industry. We are committed to supplying timber and caring for our environment long past our own careers.


Because we hold these strong beliefs in the future of timber, we want our initiative to become an industry wide practice. We aim to become a global leader in sustainable timber supply process by showing our industry that good practice is possible. We aspire to reduce the demands of timber taken from ancient forests of countries with little regulation, to stop deforestation for ourselves and our neighbours by keeping a localised and environmentally positive supply chain.