H4 timber is designed for use outside and in the ground, where there is severe wetting and leaching. It offers protection against termites, borers and severe decay.

Swadlings proudly stock Kaituna Posts, manufactured from Pruned New Zealand Regrowth pine forests, providing quality and strength (F7). They are available in both Rougher Headed version for non-visible structural jobs, or in a premium Dressed-All-Round (DAR) finish that is suitable for staining and/or painting.

Kaituna Posts are solid timber that retain the true strength of mother nature. The naturally formed characteristics of the timber are retained, unlike the visible joins seen in alternative engineered or laminated posts.

Being a natural product, it may react to the local environment. Therefore, the protective wrap minimises warping and twisting and also protects the product during installation.

H4 (Hazard Level 4) CCA preservative treated for in-ground use, durable against fungal decay & attack from insects, such as termites and borers.


Custom sizes available upon request, or head in store for our pre-packed and ready to pick up stock including the below size ranges:

Timber Size:

  • 90mm x 90mm
  • 90mm x 70mm


For more information on our Kaituna Post product range you can download the brochure here.


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