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Red Alert

Red Alert

Red Alert is a SmartGuard termite-resistant LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), exclusively available to the NSW market.

Red Alert is a H2S treated LVL used for bearers and joists. It features:

  • No twists, no warps and no shrinkage
  • Coloured “red” for easy identification
  • Strong and light Laminated Veneer Lumber
  • Glue-line H2S treatment as per AS/NZS 1604.4

This product is specially designed for indoor use – please do not use for outside purposes, including decking.


Red Alert – Floor & Frame sizes:

  • 70mm x 35mm – Available up to 6m
  • 90mm x 35mm – Available up to 6m
  • 100mm x 45mm – Available up to 6m
  • 100mm x 75mm – Available up to 6m


The Red Alert 2020 brochure can be viewed here:

Red Alert Brochure


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