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Skirting and Architrave

Skirting and Architrave

Skirting and Architraves

Swadlings offer a wide range of skirting and architrave options suitable for various styles, needs and decorative finishes.

Skirtings boards run along the bottom of interior walls, covering the join between the wall and the floor. They protect the inner wall from everyday wear and make up a vital part of common architectural finishes.

Architraves are mouldings that surround openings, such as doors and windows. They also cover the join between materials, such as between a door frame and the wall, and are also common design features in homes.



Please contact our sales team for more information on our full range of skirting and architrave products. Swadlings on-site milling and joining can accommodate custom specifications.

Care and installation guidelines

Get in touch with our staff to learn more about caring for and installing skirting and architraves.


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