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SmartEdge LVL

SmartEdge LVL

LVL is Laminated Veneer Lumber, and one of the most popular timber products for projects requiring high-strength materials.

This engineered wood is made of thin layers of timber joined with adhesive, then heated and bonded under pressure. It’s mostly used for structural builds which require floor joists, headers, beams, rafters and edge-forming material. The cross lamination of the layered veneers reduces the effects of cupping in high moisture environments.

As it is an engineered timber product, it can be made to almost any length and is comparable in strength to solid timber, while offering good integrity and reliability.

Swadlings proudly stock SmartEdge LVL, an engineered wood product for use in concrete construction applications.  SmartEdge is painted orange for easy visual identification.  It is also sealed with a water-resistant yellow coating to increase its durability, providing the user with extended lifecycles and superior performance.

Produced from sustainable timber, and harvested from certified plantations, SmartEdge has uniformly consistent edging, it is also an environmentally friendly composite timber product.


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